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Arnica Lykkegaard

Born in Denmark 1955. Lived in Greenland 1996-2004


I am self-taught artist, exploring and playing with the creative process.


I have created art and handicraft all my life

I have taught drawing, art, sculpture, healing art and knitting


Artwork at:




Censored exhibition, Tobaksfabrikken in Lemvig 1989

Censored exhibition, Tobaksfabrikken in Lemvig 1990

Censored exhibition, Kunstnernes påskeudstiling 1992

Various art associations and banks

September 2004 Viborg Library

May-September 2005 Nordea Bank, Viborg


Commissioned work

Granite sculpture for ”de ukendtes grav” (the grave of the unknown), Gangsted kirkegård

Decoration of Karstoft Friskole (school)



Grønlands Ligestillingsråd (The Equal Opportunities Council of Greenland)

PIP, Grønlandske Pædagogers Fagforening (The Union of Preschool Teachers in Greenland)

Maniitsoq Erhvervsråd (Maniitsoq Trade Council)



I work with soapstone, antler, granite, oil paint, collage, computer graphics, acrylic, knitting and fibre



My knitted shawls are for sale only here.





Please kontact me if you want to know more:

Arnica Lykkegaard

Tattoqeqarfik 6 B

3911 Sisimiut


00299 580101



Arnica Lykkegaard
Tattoqeqarfik 6 B, 3911 Sisimiut, Grønland
cell: 00299 58 01 01, mail:
cvr: 28927509