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Cashmir, pashmina, kashmir and cashmire are all the same.

The wool from the cashmire goat, living in Mongolia, China and Tibet.

The goats have 2 layers of wool, just as the musk ox, a warm and soft inner wool, and a coarser outer wool.

It is the inner wool, which is combed or cut, that is used for the yarn.

This wool is some of the finest wool to get, and it is very warm and soft.




Cashmire goats comes in many colors.


My yarn is produced in Italy, and the quality is very high.

The yardage of 1400 meter pr 100 gram makes a yarn fit for the finest knitting, shawls, capes, fine sweathers.

This yarn is pure cashmire and comes in 2 colors, a off-white and a light gray.

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