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Lace and openwork knitting

A speciality within the world of knitting.


It originated among herders of sheep, goats and camels, who spun the fibres and knit garments for daily use.

The famous Shetland laceknitted shawls have been an important source of income for the women.





The joy of creating fabric, using only hands, yarn and two knitting needles, never stop to fascinate me. To me knitting is a passion, and I love the astonishing patterns that can be created by anyone, who knows the four basic knitting operations.


Lace knitting is used for doilies, edgings, light garments and shawls.





The shawl

There is nothing like a shawl to add drama and individuality to an outfit, for the elaborate evening dress as for the wintercoat.




The shawl, made of musk ox wool, is light as a cloud, warm as a summer breeze and takes up almost no space in a suitcase. Perfect for travelling, keeping you warm in chilly evenings.


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